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If you are interested in purchasing a long jump take off board in Bromeswell IP12 2 our team can offer you the very best rates. In the long-jump and triple-jump events the take off board signifies the start of the 'take off phase'. In other words, it is the start of the long or triple-jump measurement. There are a number of different specifications and options for the take off board to match the level of participation in Bromeswell e.g. recreational, primary schools, high schools, colleges, university and IAAF Athletics clubs.


Get in touch with us today if you are interested in finding out more and want to learn how long jump can benefit you. Our team of experts are on hand to give you all the details you need and asnwer any questions you may have. 

Long Jump Take Off Boards and Lines

We supply top quality long jump take off boards and lines for sports clubs, athletics centres and schools. A vital piece of equipment for the long-jump event in Bromeswell IP12 2 is the long jump board. Installing a board or take off line at any level of participation is important, from recreation use, right the way through schools, colleges and universities to IAAF athletics clubs. The role of the jumping take-off board or line is to signal if a jump is legal or illegal (no jump). There are a number of different options of take-off board specifications and designs depending on your requirements and available budget. We are professional long jump facility installers with a great deal of experience in working at schools and clubs, so feel free to contact us with regard to the costs and designs for a project.

The most common board or line for primary schools and secondary schools to install are a fixed long jump take-off board or a painted long jump take-off line. These methods prove more than adequate for this level of participation and have a lower cost than a recess long jump take off board that might be used by colleges, universities or IAAF athletics clubs. The recess long jump board has a higher price tag than fixed take-off board or painted on take-off board options but has a number of different components making it useable for both the long and triple jump events.

Triple Jump Take Off Board and Lines Design

As with the long jump, the triple jump board is a necessity at all levels of participation it signifies the stage where the hop, skip and jump phases begin. The position of the board or take-of line depends on the ability of those competing. IAAF standard athletes have the triple-jump take off board positioned 11 meters away from the landing pit for female athletes and 13 meters away from the sand pit for male competitors. These distances would not be appropriate for those competing at a local, primary or secondary school level as many of the people taking part would not reach the sand pit. At a high school a common length for the take-off board would be 7-9m, this should give the young people competing plenty of time to complete the hop and skip phase and be prepared to enter the take-off phase. By painting the triple-jump-lines on at this level of competitors it allows several triple jump take-off lines on to be marked on the triple jump runways for athletes of all different ages and abilities. We will complete this process for a new long jump or triple jump facility along with the athletics surface groundworks.

We can alter the triple jump take off board and lines design if necessary to suit your needs. For more details on groundworks please click here https://longjumprunway.co.uk/triple-jump-run-up-groundworks/suffolk/bromeswell We can answer any questions or queries you may have if required - simply fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.

The recess boards are advantageous for those looking to use the same run way lane for both the triple jump and events as it allows the board to be removed from the long jump take-off position and placed in the jumping take-off point. This is done by installing to troughs at the position where you would like both the jumping events to commence. Along with the troughs there is a removable board with no jump indicator as well as a blanking rubber board. These are switched accordingly depending on the event taking place. Creating a line for each long-jump event can be easily achieved by installing two fixed boards or painting both a long-jump and triple-jump take-off lines onto the runways. For a school this would be a more time effective and cost effective option, and can be done on multiple long and triple jump lanes.


To find out more information regarding the options of design and specification of both jumping boards please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose the perfect option for your circumstances in Bromeswell. We can even look at pointing you to the different funding avenues available that could fund the jumping take-off boards for your facility.

Introducing Compact Athletics in Bromeswell

A brand new production of reasonably priced and also maintainable outdoor activity facilities which give a way into sports club venues is currently being created. A number of schools in Bromeswell can't get sport features remodeled, meaning that children may lose out on sporting opportunities. Quite often, local schools in Bromeswell IP12 2 can't afford to upgrade the sports areas or they haven't got adequate space for the installation. In numerous nearby establishments, compact sporting facilities are being created and built in smaller sizes to meet restricted spending budgets and also to become more cost-effective. They're also designed to improve the FUNdamental sporting movement skills of run, jump and throw. 

In academic institutions these facilities are designed to better the child's running, jumping along with throwing, and even multi activity participation into particular sports and athletics. Primary elements usually consist of things like run tracks, throwing circles and jumping run ups. For more information on our installations click here https://longjumprunway.co.uk/suffolk/bromeswell Multiple activity facilities can be created by installing a single track; this can be used for long jump, relay races, hurdles and many others. In both primary and secondary schools which cannot get a full sized track, this really makes a fantastic alternative that's more affordable as well as occupies significantly less room.

If you are interested in introducting compact athletics to your school, we can help. As the learners can then try out numerous activities, they might discover a certain one which they love and would like to continue on at a professional athletics centre. A serious problem in current sporting provision is a scarcity of developing facilities that are created for beginners and people at the first stages of athlete development model. It's important for children to take part in particular sports and athletics at a early age - KS One and KS Two - and carry on through Key Stage 3 and 4. A brand new set of criteria has been made by UKA to assure athletics facilities become more widely accessible to young people. The plan provides academic institutions with smaller, leisure quality facilities which can be designed with a vibrantly coloured, appealing appearance for young people.

Improving Sports Facilities in Schools Near Me

Considering that the specification and design of compact sports and athletics facilities closest to you in Bromeswell IP12 2 are able to be altered, near enough any club or institution in your surrounding areas may have one constructed. Throwing circles, jogging straights and also jumping lanes are amongst some more popular aspects of these kinds of recreational surface types. We can modify measurements and sizes of every construction to fit the available space on site. Numerous customers can utilize a compact sports and athletics facility as a result of specs being so versatile and unique. Current sport and play provisions in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities could be developed by putting in the compact athletics facility. By participating in different athletics events, children from Key Stage One-Four all can improve leaning and fitness abilities. One good reason you will need to improve your athletics facility is to encourage young children to engage with such sports. Compact facilities are a cost-effective alternative offered to any type of nearby school, college or sports centre. Smaller sized features help present the FUNdamentals of athletics therefore young children can build on simple skills of movement along with physical activity.


The introduction of a wide network of compact athletics facilities is a key part of UKAs desire to catch the interest and need in the sport. Since the IAAF and IPC World Championships are being hosted in London in 2017, it is likely more young people will get involved. The strategic positioning of new facilities is going to be essential in catching this demand and providing feeder paths into sporting activity at club venues. Our company are able to get back to you if you have any questions or queries. All you must do is send us your details using the contact box provided.

Official Athletics Groups

The track and field industry describes Amateur Athletic Association as AAA. Before UK Athletics, the AAA was the governing body in charge of athletics. AAA is now far more involved in the volunteering part of athletics and sports and no longer governs. Many academic institutions and other organisations in Britain work alongside the AAA. The official athletics groups deliver open forums, organising contests that will help with the growth and development of young athletes. These contests for younger sports athletes developed by AAA are highly valued as developing tools for grass root and children for the future.

Another responsibility which is presented to the AAA is safeguarding the historical past of the sports activity. Landing pits https://longjumprunway.co.uk/long-triple-jump-landing-sand-pit/suffolk/bromeswell may also be considered as a way to keep users safe. In addition, it offers its historical and most valued trophies to top level athletes. The main goal of Amateur Athletic Association is to improve involvement of athletics and help young sports athletes improve in Bromeswell.

Amateur Athletic Association Sporting Events Near Me

In academic institutions, National Championships are run by AAA to encourage children to join in sports and athletics. Sports and athletics equipment and sponsorships are often financed by the Amateur Athletic Association, since they contribute money to competitions like the National Championships when they can. The governing bodies of this sport are now UKA and British Athletics; AAA represents the volunteering.


Amateur Athletic Association Standards Scheme is a recognition of athletes grading them with regards to times or distances with track and field athletics activities. Outcomes in the past years are utilized to create these standards; this then produces 4 grades where the greatest sports athletes could fall under. Overall performance criteria are based on past outcomes and databases which have collated information over the years. Children could be rewarded with badges as well as certificates. Plaques are also given out, by the Amateur Athletic Association, to youngsters that accomplish Grade 1 which raises the number or individuals who participate in sports and athletics. Small grants are offered to youngsters planning to begin a career in athletics by the AAA Charity for the Young.  

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