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We are experts when it comes to long jump runway construction in Scottish Borders TD11 3 and have constructed a number of long-jumps across the UK. Building a long jump runway facility is no different to building anything else in the fact that you start with the foundations and preparation works.

For the end product to be of a high quality it is extremely important to get the groundworks correct. We are specialists in construction of long-jump facilities and can complete the groundworks preparation https://longjumprunway.co.uk/triple-jump-run-up-groundworks/scottish-borders to a high standard to ensure the rest of the project follows. 


If you would like more information on the construction of a long-jump runway, please complete the contact form provided on this page and we shall get back to you at the earliest opportunity with details on the process and costs involved.

Building a Long Jump Run-Up Near Me

Building a long jump run-up starts with excavating the existing surface down to the necessary depths. The ground is then rolled and compacted continuously to make the substrata as solid and stable as possible. The next stage of construction of a long-jump runway and landing pit involves haunching PCC Edges in concrete to the perimeter and laying a Geotextile to the entire area to give the facility the best possible stability along with offering a weed membrane. Once completed a layer of MOT Type 1 stone is put down and heavily rolled and compressed to make it as compact as possible. The final stage of the sub base construction involves adding a layer of Tar Macadam to the entire area to give it a level and even finish that is permeable and fully and SuDS compatible, this is also the stage where any take off boards would be fixed in to the ground.

As part of a new UK Athletics strategy, schools in Scottish Borders are being encouraged to have compact athletic facilities constructed which include a range of features like jumping runways, high jump fans and sprint tracks at smaller sizes. The construction of these in smaller sizes makes them more cost effective and sustainable for schools with lower budgets or smaller amounts for outdoor space. Feel free to get in touch with on of our experts through the contact form if you'd like to talk about costs of building a jumping track at your school or club.

Specification and Design of a Long Jump Run Up in Scottish Borders

There are a number of variables involved in building a long-jump that can be manipulated to fit the various requirements and budgets of different establishments e.g. primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and athletics clubs. We alter the specification and design of a long jump run up accordingly to meet the needs of our clients. The most common factor that is changed is the size and dimensions of the long-jump runway for example the length of runway would be a significantly shorter distance for a primary school than it would for an IAAF athletic club. Organisations such as secondary schools, college, private schools and universities would probably fall somewhere in between these dimensions and measurements they may even have the space for more than one lane, their budget may allow a double lane, triple lane or a multiple lane long jump runway facility. The price of construction for smaller facilities is generally much lower. We can work to any design and fit the long jump runway to your requirements making each facility in Scottish Borders TD11 3 unique. Triple jump surfaces https://longjumprunway.co.uk/triple-jump-run-up-surfacing/scottish-borders are also common because they can be used as multipurpose facilities in PE lessons and clubs. To learn more about the construction of our facilities please fill in our enquiry form.

It is not just the size and dimensions of a facility that can vary to reduce the price of construction. There are other factors e.g. the materials used and measurements of a facility that can be changed to make a long jump facility affordable for any budget. If you deem the premium description in the section above to be surplus to you requirements, there are other options. E.g. timber edges can be used instead of PCC, you could opt for a dynamic sub base instead of an engineered bitmac, and you could even use a needlepunch material to surface the long-jump flooring. 


If you require any more information or help with receiving funding to help with the costs that come with installing a long-jump facility closest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice regarding all the possible options regarding construction before you make a decision on the specification of your long-jump run up.

Improving Children's Participation in Sport Near Me

Amateur Athletic Association also is known as AAA in the track and field industry. AAA is the earliest body for athletics and was about just before UKA. Amateur Athletic Association is more involved in volunteering section of athletics and doesn't govern any longer. The AAA work in many institutions in Great Britain which includes schools, colleges in addition to clubs. Tournaments are arranged by the Amateur Athletic Association, in addition to open forums and other events to help develop youngsters into athletes. These contests for young athletes produced by AAA are regarded as development tools for grass root and youngsters for the future.

One other job that is given to the AAA is safeguarding the historical past of a particular sport. Furthermore, it offers its historical and valued trophies to elite athletes. The goals of athletics niche are to create enthusiasm and also to assist in development of young sports athletes.

In order to improve the levels of contribution in sports with younger people, the AAA present National Championships in academic institutions over the United Kingdom. When possible they'll contribute cash to these types of events for sports and athletics products along with sponsorship. Considering the fact that AAA currently represents the volunteering part of this sport, UK and British Athletics are now the governing bodies. For more information on the construction of these facilities in Scottish Borders TD11 3 please complete the contact box on this page. 

Track and Field Professional Standards

The AAA offers construction of brand new track and field athletic criteria for each of the athletics events each year that is then published. Results over the past years are utilized to develop these requirements; this then creates four grades where the very best athletes could fall under. The performance requirements for the sports events are compiled by databases of information collected over the years and this is revised every couple of years. Certificates as well as badges are given to young people that conform to these types of standards. Plaques are also given out, by the AAA, to youngsters who obtain Grade 1 which improves the number or individuals who engage in athletics. Additionally there is a charity which will help young athletes start off their careers by giving them small grants; this organisation is called AAA Charity for the Young. It is recommended to undergo construction of these facilities in local schools to increase kids' participation levels.

A number of athletics clubs in addition to educational institutions, have started to consider the construction of more affordable facilities athletics. Many schools nearby find it difficult to renew their sporting facilities for a number of sporting activities, which means young children can’t take part in these types of sports. This is usually due to a lack of spending budget or not a sufficient amount of external space for the school to install on. Styles and specifications may be modified to match different spending budgets and needs. Also, they are built to develop the FUNdamental motion skills of running, jumping and throwing. If you are interested in finding out more about costs and designs of the long jump facilities we can construct, please be sure to fill out our enquiry form.

Can Long Jumps be Funded by the Sugar Tax?

Long-jumps may be funded by the sugar tax, as they offer great opportunities for young people to get involved in athletics. The sugar tax was introduced by the government as a way to reduce the amount of young people experiencing obesity. The tax on sugary drinks has produced money which can be funded to schools for construction of athletics facilities, like long jump runways, to increase the amount of young people taking part in sports. This will then help improve the fitness and health of young people and cut back on childhood obesity.


If you are interested in finding out more information and want to speak to one of our experts, get in touch today. We are happy to give you all the help and advice you need to be sure that the long jump runway is right for your facility. 

Smaller Sports Areas for Schools Near Me in Scottish Borders

Children will be introduced to a number of activities in Scottish Borders, helping to raise the quantity of young children involved in compact sports. Main components often include things such as run tracks, throwing circles and jumping run ups. On most occasions a single track can be used for multi use purposes with different activities just like relay races, long jump and even bleep tests. This is ideal for educational institutions where there is not enough space for the construction of a standard 400m running track. If someone thoroughly enjoys carrying out a particular activity for example triple jump or throwing, they are able to progress onto specialist clubs within the UK due to the construction of these facilities.

A serious problem in current athletics supply is the lack of developing facilities that are made for beginners and those at the early stages of the athlete development model. Athletics activities should be brought to kids as early as key stage 1, key stage 2 and develop skills to KS3 and KS4. Cooperating with England Athletics as well as Sport England, UKA has developed a model of provision for sports activities. The newest design can be constructed in bright colours to catch the attention of young people and is also less expensive, making it a fantastic entry level athletics facility for academic institutions. To learn more about the construction of smaller sports areas for schools, please get in touch with our team using the enquiry form provided.

Compact Facilities Near Me

Compact facilities may be made in Scottish Borders to meet nearly every site and spending budget, and also enable crucial athletics skills to be taught, enjoyed and also developed. These generally include facilities like recreational long jump runways, small high jump fans and also perimeter jogging tracks. We are able to adjust measurements of each construction to match the available space on site. Compact facilities are flexible, which enables them to be used for a number of establishments. Present sport and play provisions in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities may be made better by installing the compact facility within the surrounding areas. You should also get these areas maintained to ensure they remain in good condition. For details on maintenance after construction click here https://longjumprunway.co.uk/long-triple-jump-maintenance/scottish-borders By making it simpler for young people to join in a wide array of activities, many more skills can be learnt and built upon for greater development later on. They create a fantastic addition to any current sports facilities which help enhance involvement from students.


In the event a school is seeking a much more cost-effective beginners level product, the compact facilities are great for lowering expenses in the event you just need a recreational area. If you'd like the younger people at your establishment to build up physical activity skills, it is recommended that you get a compact facility installed as FUNdamentals are presented.

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